1. General Rules

    1. All rules and regulations laid out in this document will be in place for all Output Racing League (ORL) series and will be enforced by league administration
      1. Disclaimer: If, at any time, rules laid out in this document require updating, ORL admins reserve the right to do so in order to address shortfalls or issues that are directly affecting the quality of competition in a negative way
    2. Admin Team: Jaren Sanchez, Kyle Crouse, Corey Steinhauser, Travis Massier, Bryan Pizzichemi
    3. Drivers Council: Thomas Harmon, Jonathon Hernandez
    4. Black flags will not be cleared unless deemed absolutely unnecessary (e.g., passing on inside to avoid wreck on restarts)
      1. If a driver feels they received an unwarranted black flag, the driver may ask to have it cleared. Cleared black flags will be reviewed by admins/drivers council post race and if it is decided that the black flag was deserved, the driver will receive a -2 lap penalty.
  2. Code of Conduct

    1. All members of ORL will be held to the following guidelines for conducting themselves before, during, and after races. ORL admins reserve the right to interpret these at any time and issue any penalties based on behaviors of ANY individuals.
      1. If there is an issue that arises that involves an admin/drivers council member, contact any of the other members listed in Section 1.B or 1.C
      2. All issues raised may also be submitted via the protest system outlined in Section 6
    2. There will be no bad mouthing the league on any social media platform
    3. If pulled for an interview on the broadcast, everyone must be respectful
    4. If you have an issue, address it with the league admins
    5. Drivers must be respectful to one another at all times
    6. No bumping on pace laps or wrecking post-race to show aggression
    7. No verbally attacking and disrespecting one another
    8. If you have a problem with an incident or another driver, please check replay from both perspectives before placing blame
    9. If you caused the incident, apologize and own it.
    10. Keep tempers under control
    11. If you can’t keep your cool, then frankly we do not want you here
    12. We are all friends here. Keep in mind an apology can go a long way
  3. Penalty System

    1. An action deemed by the admins as detrimental to the race or to competitors (e.g., causing a crash/caution, verbally disrespectful or abusive behavior, black-flag erroneously cleared, etc.) will be considered an offense
      1. Claim first offense in race = EOL penalty
      2. Claim second offense in race = stop-and-go penalty
      3. Claim third offense in race = disqualified
      4. Last lap offenses are automatic -1L penalty for first offense in race, start next race from pits on second offense, and sit next race out on third offense
      5. Unclaimed offense is -2L post-race penalty
      6. Offenses accumulate across race sessions (i.e., heat to feature)
      7. Three or more penalties within two races is one-race suspension
      8. Egregious offense is immediate DQ and suspension
      9. Ten penalties in season is one-race suspension
  4. Driver Information

    1. Eligibility

      1. All drivers who wish to participate must have and maintain a minimum C 2.0 license with an iRating (iR) greater than 1000
    2. New members

      1. All new members will be placed on a 3 race probationary period
      2. Causing wrecks, excessive incidents, disqualifications, overly aggressive driving, toxic behavior and being absent from all 3 races may result in failure of probationary period and removal from the league
    3. Attendance

      1. Any driver that misses over 5 races in a row may be removed from the league.
      2. We clean out inactive drivers to keep everything clean and make room for new drivers. If you wish to return, simply reapply.
      3. If you know you will miss X amount of races and do not want to be removed, give the admins a heads up
      4. Secondary seasons/series (such as the winter series) are considered as off-season. Although attendance is encouraged, it's not required and does not count towards the 5 races.
    4. Car Numbers

      1. New drivers must go HERE to see what numbers are still available
      2. Drivers may choose any available number from 1–99 or 00–09
      3. If a driver does not request a number they will be assigned a number above 100.
  5. Output Series

    1. Start Time

      1. Race: Tuesday @ 9pm PT
        Practice: 7:55pm PT (1 hour)
        Lone Qualify: 8:55pm PT (2 laps/5 minutes)
        Grid: 9pm PT / Midnight ET (2 minutes)
        1. Practice sessions may be advanced early to stay on schedule, in the event of session configuration issues
    2. Race Conditions/Settings

      1. Distance: ~40% length race
      2. Setup: iRacing Fixed
      3. Fuel Level: 100%
      4. Tire Sets: 4 (starting + 3 changes)
      5. Weather: Dynamic weather/sky
      6. Track State: Practice 25% / Qualify carry over / Race carry over
      7. Incident Limit: 17x (penalty), every 8x after (penalty)
      8. Fast Repairs: 0
      9. G/W/C: 2 attempts
    3. Race Start/Restarts

      1. Initial Start will be on green
      2. Restarts will be on leader
      3. Leader has choice of lane, which must be established before 1 to go
      4. If the track has a restart zone, iRacing will enforce pace speed and start/restart.
    4. Cautions

      1. All cautions will be controlled by iRacing
      2. When the caution comes out, drivers are expected to quickly and safely catch up to the pack and maintain pace speed
      3. Cars that are wrecked and driving back to pit lane may request an End-of-Line (EOL) penalty in order to prevent others from getting penalized
      4. First car one lap down gets the lucky dog as controlled by iRacing
      5. If there are two or more cars that wreck and iRacing does not issue a caution, admins may issue one
      6. Accidents without a caution must be called out within the same lap, otherwise the race will continue as-is
      7. Competition Cautions
        1. If at the beginning of a race it is determined that the scheduled distance will result in significant fuel-mileage management that will impair the quality of racing, a competition caution will be manually thrown approximately halfway through the first fuel run
        2. The scheduled caution lap will be announced before or shortly after race start
        3. Pit road will be "closed" from race start until the competition caution and any drivers pitting during this window are expected to self-report for an EOL after the competition caution, or be subject to a 1-lap post-race penalty
        4. If a caution naturally occurs before the competition caution, the latter will be canceled and pit road will be open as reported by iRacing race control
    5. Track Boundaries

      1. Racing boundaries will be enforced at tracks with an out-of-bounds line (i.e., Daytona, Talladega, new Atlanta)
      2. Dipping right-side wheels on or below the line and gaining a position will result in a 1-lap post-race penalty
      3. Exemptions will be granted for accident avoidance
    6. Pit Lane

      1. ORL reserves the right to not clear any black flags for passing under caution on pit road entry
      2. Drivers are encouraged to travel on the right side of pit lane until arriving at their pit box
      3. When leaving pit road, drivers shall not slow down in order to manipulate the order of the field to get preferred lane choice on restarts
    7. Stages

      1. Races will be divided into two stages at approximately 30% of the race length
      2. Stage points will be awarded for the top 10 positions, from 10 points to 1, according to on-track positions at the end of the designated lap
      3. No caution flags will be thrown in association with stages
    8. Chase Format

      1. The final four races of the season will use a chase format, with the top 10 drivers from the regular season resetting points at the start, with the highest points finisher after the chase races being awarded the Output Racing League championship trophy
      2. If any chase-eligible driver determines that their attendance will be limited during the final races, they may request to be removed
      3. Upon removal of an eligible driver, the next place in points (11th, 12th, or so on) may take their place
  6. Reverb Series

    1. Start Time

      1. Race: Thursday @ 9pm PT
        Practice: 7:55pm PT (1 hour)
        Lone Qualify: 8:55pm PT (2 laps/5 minutes)
        Grid: 9:00pm PT / 12:00 ET
        1. Practice sessions may be advanced early to stay on schedule, in the event of session configuration issues
    2. Race Conditions/Settings

      1. Distance: Twin 50 lap races w/inversion
      2. Setup: iRacing Fixed
      3. Weather: Dynamic weather/sky
      4. Track State: Practice 25% / Qualify carry over / Race carry over
      5. Incident Limit: 25x (penalty) then every 8x (penalty)
      6. Fast Repairs: none
      7. G/W/C: 2 attempts
    3. Race Start

      1. Refer to Section 5
    4. Cautions

      1. Refer to Section 5
    5. Pit Lane

      1. Refer to Section 5
  7. Protests

    1. If there is an incident that warrants a protest it must be submitted by the protest form at outputracing.com/protest. Link can also be found at the bottom of the website. 
    2. Protests must be submitted within 48 hours of the race where the incident happened
    3. All protests must include names, lap number(s) and a description of what happened. A replay clip is not required to be submitted with the protest.
    4. Protests are reviewed by all admins and drivers council if necessary
      1. As written in Section 2.1, if an admin or drivers council member is involved, the member will not have any authority over the final decision
    5. A decision will be made within 48 hours and posted in the #penalty discord chat with the following format:
      1. [<Track> <Date>] <Explanation of incident and penalty>
      2. Penalties will be issued based on severity of incident, which include but are not limited to those outlined in Section 3
    6. If the protest form is not working correctly on the website, PM any league admin with the details outlined in Section 7.C

Output Racing is an online sim racing league on iRacing.

We put this league together to provide a place for the late night racer to hang out, make friends and race hard. Established in mid-2018 with the goal of building a competitive league without toxic people or egos, we focused on building a tight-knit community that meshes well on and off the track.

If you are a late-night racer that is looking for a fun group to chill and race with once a week, feel free to apply. We welcome a wide range of skill levels with a minimum C class 2.0 SR license and 1000 IR.

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