Unveiling the Rosters: Output Draft Recap and Season Preview

13 Jul 2023

On Tuesday night, the Output Racing League held its highly anticipated draft following an exhilarating tryout race at Auto Club Speedway. The event provided a platform for new drivers and league veterans to display their skills in the Gen 4 Cup car. As expected, Christian Budd asserted his dominance and claimed victory, but it was the standout performances from fresh faces Kyle McCoy and Scott Rickard that truly turned heads. The sprint set the stage for an exciting draft where captains sought to secure the most promising talents for their lineups and provided a tantalizing taste of what's to come this season, while the draft afterwards added another layer of anticipation and intrigue to the upcoming Output Series season.

Thomas Harmon, the defending champion, made a splash in the draft by securing the highly anticipated #1 pick, Christian Budd. Budd's exceptional skills and consistent performances made him the expected top choice. Harmon also demonstrated his astute knowledge of the racing community by selecting P.J. O'Leary, a newcomer to the league but a known quantity from other leagues where Harmon competes. Harmon's team combines experienced Output veterans like Travis Massier and Sam Niederhelm, who bring a wealth of expertise and consistency to the table. Additionally, Kyle McCoy and Dustin Smith showcased their potential with strong performances in the tryout race, further bolstering Harmon's lineup. The inclusion of Julen Martinez Pastor, Jeffrey Dale Adams, and L.D. Sarabia adds an element of uncertainty as these drivers are unproven in ORL. However, Harmon's savvy moves were not limited to the draft itself. Immediately after the draft, Harmon scored a coup by adding Shawn Hughes, a skilled and seasoned iRacer, to his team from the first position on the waiver wire as the new application arrived. With a blend of established talent, promising newcomers, and a strategic waiver move, Harmon's team is poised to make waves in the upcoming season.

Hernandez Motorsports, led by the ever-cunning Jonathon Hernandez, approached the draft with a confident swagger and a hunger for victory, aiming to create a potent mix of speed and resilience. Chris Champeau, the lightning-fast maestro, is a multi-time winner in the league and was a formidable title contender last year until an unfortunate twist of fate took him out of the championship race. Scott Rickard, another driver who impressed in the tryout, brings his own blend of skill and determination to the team, ready to unleash his speed and leave his rivals in a cloud of dust. Matt Horton, the speed demon extraordinaire, injects an electrifying energy into the team, offering a potent threat on the track. Jonas Marquez and Jaren Sanchez, consistently delivering solid finishes, showcase their unwavering dedication and knack for finding their way to the front. Kory Williamson, with his consistent performances, demonstrates that he's as dependable as that trusty old family recipe. Dylan Matthews and Thad Failor, the fresh faces in the lineup, are eager to prove their worth and establish themselves as formidable contenders. And let's not forget Jon Lazelle, a strategic gamble by Team Hernandez, betting on his return to the league later in the season, hoping to shake off the misfortune and see finishes that match his blazing speed. With their lineup of speedsters and calculated risks, Team Hernandez is poised to ignite the tracks and make a bold statement in the upcoming season.

Embracing the "Moneyball" mindset with a mischievous grin, Team Crouse entered the draft room armed with their own set of secret algorithms and unconventional strategies. TJ Crampton and Andrew Hennessy, the elusive winners, possess the talent to conquer the track if they manage to resist the temptation of scheduling conflicts with their cat naps. The surprise pick of Brian Chambliss had jaws dropping and heads spinning faster than a malfunctioning pit stop, as he boldly announced his return from hiatus just in the nick of time. Andrew Griesbaum, the speedster extraordinaire, brings a whirlwind of excitement and hopes to leave opponents dazed in his rearview mirror. Ken Campbell, known for his remarkable consistency and flashes of brilliance, hopes to shine even brighter under the astute guidance of Team Crouse. Frank "Mr. Reliable" Isaacson, always steady and looking to build upon his solid finishes, is ready to weave his way through the chaos with precision. Newcomers Ryan MacLeod and Kevin Merida bring an element of surprise, like wild cards waiting to be played, while Paul Cocks, previously sidelined by injury, aims to make a triumphant return and show that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. And let's not forget the indomitable David Stryker, patiently biding his time on injured reserve, eager to unleash his fury and turn heads as he sprints towards a late-season comeback. With a blend of calculated risks, witty maneuvers, and a sprinkle of racing magic, Team Crouse is set to challenge the status quo and give their rivals a run for their money.

Mixing up their own unique racing cocktail, Team Watson embarked on the draft with a dash of speed and a splash of boldness. Austin Collins, fashionably late to the scene last season, proved to be an immediate contender, leaving everyone wondering where he found that extra gear. Joe Slama, the front-runner extraordinaire, rejoins the team after a late-season move derailed his championship hopes, ready to reclaim his rightful place at the front of the pack. Bryan Pizzichemi, the "Iceman" of the league, may never bother with qualifying, but he effortlessly glides his way through the field and finds himself chilling at the front when it matters most. Cori Cooke and Andrew Perkins, known for their flashes of speed, just need to keep all four tires grounded if they want to score big points for the team. Mark Penticuff, with more starts than anyone in the league, showcased his prowess with solid finishes at Kansas and Gateway last season, leaving the competition shaken and stirred. Zach Skotnicki, with a track record of being on and off the roster more times than a shaken martini, keeps us all guessing if he'll finally settle in for the long haul. Tanner Moore and Christopher Melton, the new recruits, bring a fresh taste to the team, adding intrigue and excitement to the mix. And last but not least, Matt Burgess, the consistent front-runner with a tendency to fade past his bedtime, aims to conquer the late-night races with a jolt of caffeine and determination. With their racing cocktail expertly concocted, Team Watson is primed to shake up the competition and serve up a thrilling season for all to savor.

As the draft comes to a close and the teams have been formed, anticipation for the upcoming season of the Output Series is reaching a fever pitch. The mix of seasoned veterans, rising stars, and untested newcomers has created an atmosphere of excitement and uncertainty. With the new team format, the dynamics of the races are set to change, adding an extra layer of strategy and competition. The captains have carefully crafted their lineups, each with their own unique approach, and now it's time to unleash them on the track.

Fans are buzzing with speculation about which team's strategy will prove to be the winning formula. Will Team Harmon's risky moves and surprise picks pay off, or will Team Hernandez's calculated approach and reliable performers take the lead? Team Crouse's blend of experience and untapped potential adds an intriguing element to the mix, while Team Watson's combination of established performers and unpredictable wild cards keeps everyone guessing. It's a recipe for high-octane racing and intense battles for every position.

With the season about to kick off, the drivers and teams are ready to prove their mettle. The virtual tracks will witness thrilling duels, strategic maneuvers, and heart-stopping moments as these competitors push themselves to the limit. The new team format adds an extra layer of camaraderie and competition, fostering rivalries not just between individual drivers, but between the teams as a whole.

Buckle up and get ready for a season filled with twists and turns, surprises and upsets, as the Output Racing League unleashes its new team format. The stage is set, the drivers are revving their engines, and the fans are on the edge of their seats. Get ready for an exhilarating season of virtual racing that will leave you breathless and hungry for more. Let the battle for supremacy begin!

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We put this league together to provide a place for the late night racer to hang out, make friends and race hard. Established in mid-2018 with the goal of building a competitive league without toxic people or egos, we focused on building a tight-knit community that meshes well on and off the track.

If you are a late-night racer that is looking for a fun group to chill and race with once a week, feel free to apply. We welcome a wide range of skill levels with a minimum C class 2.0 SR license and 1000 IR.

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