Output Series 2023 S2 schedule announced; first with Gen 4 Cup

17 Jun 2023

Output Racing is excited to announce that 2023’s second season will start on July 18th in the Gen 4 car. It will be a 14 race season with 4 playoff races (18 races total). Playoffs will consist of three playoff races with the top 10 from the season and end with the top 4 of the playoff races in the final championship race.

We will continue to have two provisionals that will be used for the first two races you miss during the 14 race season (cannot be used in the playoff races). A provisional will provide you with points equal to last place minus 5 points. This is for people who may lose power before the start of the race, lose internet connection or simply have life events that prevent them from racing.

Output is putting a focus on recruiting and continue to improve the league. We are working on some other details and they will be announced in the future.

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Output Racing is an online sim racing league on iRacing.

We put this league together to provide a place for the late night racer to hang out, make friends and race hard. Established in mid-2018 with the goal of building a competitive league without toxic people or egos, we focused on building a tight-knit community that meshes well on and off the track.

If you are a late-night racer that is looking for a fun group to chill and race with once a week, feel free to apply. We welcome a wide range of skill levels with a minimum C class 2.0 SR license and 1000 IR.

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