Output Racing League Gears Up For 2024

24 Jan 2024

Output Racing League is set to kick off its premiere series for 2024, returning to the Xfinity cars for the first time since 2019 with a few rule changes and a revamped schedule. As the engines rev up, drivers and fans alike are preparing for a season that promises to be both challenging and unpredictable.

Playoff Evolution

The heart of the transformation lies in the playoffs. This season, the familiar structure undergoes an overhaul, as the top 10 drivers in the standings after 14 races will engage in a 4-race championship. Strikingly, there will be no bonus points from the regular season, eliminating any safety net for competitors who coasted in on a big cushion. The absence of elimination rounds heightens the pressure on drivers to maintain consistency throughout the post-season.

Two-Stage Drama

A fundamental shift occurs in the race dynamics with the introduction of stage races. The races will be divided, with the first stage covering approximately 30% of the total race length. Crucially, cautions will not interrupt the action at the end of a stage. Instead, the top 10 drivers at the end of stage 1 will be awarded 10–1 points as they run, adding a strategic layer to the competition.

Farewell to Team Standings

In a surprising move, the league bids farewell to team standings, placing a renewed emphasis on individual driver performance. This change aims to create a more driver-centric narrative, allowing each competitor to shine independently.

Strategic Provisionals

The two automatic provisionals available to drivers remain a pivotal aspect of the season. Each provisional is equivalent to last place points minus five, offering drivers strategic opportunities to recover from life events, power outages, or catastrophic feline assault on precious electronic equipment.

Schedule Adjustments and Highlights

The 18-week schedule closely mirrors the NASCAR Cup Series but introduces some notable changes.

The season begins with a retro-style Clash at Daytona, featuring two 20-lap non-points races with an inversion. The Daytona opener adopts a classic Speedweeks format, escalating the stakes with top two qualifiers advancing and subsequent duels setting the starting order.

Road America makes a return, replacing COTA, while Chicagoland steps in for Martinsville. The playoff tracks include Kentucky, Iowa, New Hampshire, and the finale at Auto Club.

Recruitment Drive

Amidst these transformations, Output Racing League is actively seeking new members. Racers interested in joining iRacing's premier west-coast-friendly oval league can apply at outputracing.com.

As the 2024 season unfolds, Output Racing League promises a narrative of strategic racing, individual prowess, and unpredictable outcomes. The virtual tracks are set, and the racers are gearing up for a season that will undoubtedly test their skills and resilience. Stay tuned for updates as Output Racing League takes virtual racing to new heights.

Output Racing is an online sim racing league on iRacing.

We put this league together to provide a place for the late night racer to hang out, make friends and race hard. Established in mid-2018 with the goal of building a competitive league without toxic people or egos, we focused on building a tight-knit community that meshes well on and off the track.

If you are a late-night racer that is looking for a fun group to chill and race with once a week, feel free to apply. We welcome a wide range of skill levels with a minimum C class 2.0 SR license and 1000 IR.

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