Budd Wins Clean, Strategy-Filled Return to Brickyard

13 Aug 2023


The Output Series recently graced the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the "Gladiator 160," a race that showcased the series' return to the iconic brickyard oval. Following a race riddled with cautions at Michigan, the anticipation was palpable as 34 drivers geared up for this long-awaited event. Christian Budd asserted his dominance by clinching the pole position with a remarkable speed of 171.321 mph. Right alongside him on the front row was Jonathon Hernandez, setting the stage for an intense battle. The top five included Scott Rickard, Chris Champeau, and Andrew Hennessy, ensuring that the competition would be fierce on the legendary circuit.

As the green flag waved, Budd catapulted into the lead, dictating a fast pace at the front of the pack. However, the early stages of the race were marred by an incident on lap 5. Matt Sisoler's steering wheel popped off and his pedals exploded, setting off a chain reaction that involved TJ Crampton's #72 car. Crampton, starting from the back due to a penalty for causing a caution intentionally at Michigan, encountered further adversity in this race.

The race's dynamics were further shaped by strategic pit stops. Several cars, including team captains Thomas Harmon, Kyle Crouse, and James Watson, made early stops to gamble on fuel strategy and tire changes. This maneuver reshuffled the field, introducing tire management strategies that would play a pivotal role.

The restart on lap 8 marked the onset of a more extended green flag run, emphasizing the role of tire management and overall strategy. Cori Cooke's ascent to fifth place and Paul Cocks' strong early performance, later tapering off to eighth, underscored the tactical aspect of the race. Crouse surged from 19th to 10th place on fresh tires with Harmon and Watson also climbing back through the field.

However, the most pivotal moment occurred on lap 20, with what would surprisingly be the final caution of the day. Adam Johnson's #69 car grazed the grass while attempting to pass Zach Skotnicki's #44 car in turn one. This triggered a domino effect, collecting Jonas Marquez, Frank Isaacson, and Sam Niederhelm in the ensuing chaos. The caution prompted the entire field to pit for fresh rubber, except for Matt Burgess. Scott Rickard's swift pit maneuver enabled him to regain momentum and temporarily outpace Budd upon the restart as they navigated around the slower car of Burgess.

As the race progressed, green flag pit stops introduced yet another layer of strategy. Andrew Perkins and Robbie Devore briefly assumed the lead by stretching their tire runs. However, it was ultimately Budd who reclaimed control, retaining his position until the race's conclusion.

The battle for the podium intensified in the final laps. Scott Rickard and Andrew Hennessy engaged in a fierce contest, while Jonathon Hernandez made a determined climb to secure an impressive second-place finish. Chris Champeau, capitalizing on an early pit stop advantage, clinched fourth place. Andrew Hennessy rounded out the top five.

Team Harmon's dominance was evident as they clinched the top spot, bolstered by Budd's victory. Yet, Team Hernandez staged an impressive comeback with strong second, third, and fourth place finishes, thus elevating their standing. Remarkably, the driver standings revealed Team Hernandez narrowing the gap to Team Harmon to a mere 22 points.

With the next race slated for Watkins Glen, the sole road course event of the season, drivers are poised to confront a new challenge. Negotiating the intricate road course demands precision and skill, offering contenders a unique platform to showcase their expertise. As the Output Series advances, all eyes will be on Christian Budd and whether he can sustain his lead or if a formidable contender will rise to dethrone him from the top spot.

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