StartsAvg StartAvg FinishAvg RatingLapsLed%LedIncInc/RaceInc/LapWins%WT5%T5T10%T10Poles%Pole
Short Track2-18.571.924100%1890.0700%00%00%00%
2+ mile1141972.37900%00000%00%00%00%

TrackTypeStartsAvg StartAvg FinishAvg RatingLapsLed%LedIncInc/RaceInc/LapWins%WT5%T5T10%T10Poles%Pole
Atlanta Motor SpeedwayIntermediate116156910700%440.0400%00%00%00%
Bristol Motor SpeedwayShort Track1-1579.314100%660.0400%00%00%00%
Chicagoland SpeedwayIntermediate1161371.410000%440.0400%00%00%00%
Daytona International SpeedwaySuperspeedway1101770.46700%13130.1900%00%00%00%
Kansas SpeedwayIntermediate1-22639800%00000%00%00%00%
Michigan International Speedway2+ mile1141972.37900%00000%00%00%00%
Richmond RacewayShort Track1-2264.410000%12120.1200%00%00%00%
Talladega SuperspeedwaySuperspeedway181874.36800%110.0100%00%00%00%
Texas Motor SpeedwayIntermediate112186700%550.0700%00%00%00%

Output Racing is an online sim racing league on iRacing.

We put this league together to provide a place for the late night racer to hang out, make friends and race hard. Established in mid-2018 with the goal of building a competitive league without toxic people or egos, we focused on building a tight-knit community that meshes well on and off the track.

If you are a late-night racer that is looking for a fun group to chill and race with once a week, feel free to apply. We welcome a wide range of skill levels with a minimum C class 2.0 SR license and 1000 IR.

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